25th September 1940 (see also Annex 2 below)


At Filton Airplane Factory


Ash, Ernest William (24) of 46 Berkeley Rd, Bishopston

Bailey, Arthur (35) of 35 Seymour Rd, St Andrews

Green, George Robert Fleury (37) of 11 Howard Road, Westbury Park (died 29/9/1940), son of Mr A Green of 15 Belmont Rd, St Andrews

Larry, Jack (29) of 49 Monmouth Rd, Bishopston.

Latham, Kathleen Joan (2) of 7 Cornwall Rd, Bishopston, daughter of Rev Joseph Arthur Victor and Margaret Francis Latham.

McPherson, Frederick William Edwin of 46 North Rd, St Andrews

Packer, Frederick William Edwin (33) of 152 Longmead Ave, Bishopston.


24/25 November 1940


At Stokes Croft

Austin, Francis Walter (23) AF/2620, Fireman (Auxiliary Fire Service) of 60 Upper Cheltenham Place, St Andrews (died 26/11/40 at the BRI).

Marshall, Cyril Rees Thomas (35) AF/540, Fireman (Auxiliary Fire Service) (died 25/11/40 at the BRI) of 7 Nicholas Rd, St Paul’s, husband of Molly Kathleen Marshall.

Wiltshire, Herbert Charles (29) AF/587, Fireman (Auxiliary Fire Service) of 21 Poulton Drive, Bishopston, husband of Eileen M Wiltshire.


[Note all three attended at St Michael & All Angels church in Bishopston and are recorded on its memorial to those of its members who died while serving with the auxiliary Fire Service.]


At 45 Falmouth Rd Bishopston


Bees, Nigel Philip (3) son of Theophilus & Violet Bees.


At 47 Falmouth Rd, Bishopston


Pople, Elizabeth Louisa (55), widow of Henry Thomas Pople and their son Walter Howard Pople (7).


At 49 Falmouth Rd, Bishopston


Bland, Eileen Joan (41)

Bodman, Bessie (51), widow of Charles Bodman.

Meade, Charlotte (88).


At 51 Falmouth Rd, Bishopston


Payne, Alfred Charles (64) husband of Ada Payne


At 23 Clifton Wood Rd


Kirchell, Marjorie Elsie (30) daughter of Benjamin John and Sarah Jane Woorre of 3 Wolferton Rd, St Andrews who was killed together with her husband Edwin (32) and her son David (2).


2/3 December 1940


At Bridewell Police Station, Nelson Street (Central Division)

Belfall, Derrick Cecil (14) – ARP Messenger of 109 Bishop Rd, Bishopston – the only son of engineer Cecil Ernest Belfall and his wife Mary (nee Miller), who was born in Colchester in about May 1926. He was injured after rescuing a baby from a burning building and died at the BRI on the 2nd of December. His dying words were “I have delivered my message”. His parents continued to live at 109 Bishop Road until Mary’s death in September 1964, after which Cecil moved to Kerrier in Cornwall where he later died in about March 1983 aged 85.

At 20 Claremont Ave, Bishopston


Burgess, Frederick Beaumont (48), member of the Home Guard and husband of Elsie Constance Burgess who died together with his widowed mother Eliza Ann Burgess (73) and daughter Kathleen Mary Burgess (15).


At 61 Cornwall Rd, Bishopston


Tangye, Grace Evelyn (56)

Trump, John (87) and his wife Beatrice Mary Trump (84)


At Gloucester Rd


Edward, Thomas James (34) Fireman of Pennybont, 2 Llynfi St, Glamorgan, husband of Beatrice Evelyn Edwards.


6/7 December 1940


At 16 Claremont Ave


Randlesome, Helena Mary (40)


AT 18 Claremont Ave


Hawker, William Henry (59) and his wife Doris Rita Hawker (43)

Hearle, Clara (70), widow of E Hearle of 1 Chandos Rd, Redland, Bristol.


16/17 March 1941


At 1 Morgan St, Central Division


May, Elsie May (43) of 50 Raglan Rd, Bishopston, wife of Walter John May.


At 32 Cromwell Rd, St Andrews


Hayes, Sarah Hannah (67), wife of CF Hayes.


At 61 Cromwell Rd, St Andrews


Gordon, Emily Alexander (71) wife of Joseph Gordon (died 29/3/41 at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital).


At 63 Cromwell Rd, St Andrews


Rogers, Betty (9) daughter of Mr & Mrs T P Rogers


At 77 Cromwell Rd, St Andrews


Moon, Arthur Henry (24) and his wife Gladys Moon (?)

At 111 Cromwell Rd, St Andrews


Bridges, Ernest Walter (30), husband of Olive Alice Bridges.


At 26 Belvoir Rd, St Andrews


Butler, Emma Jane (72), widow of Joseph Butler.


At 1 Fairfield Rd, St Andrews


Panes, Sydney Alfred (58) husband of Edith L Pane


At 13 Fairfield Rd, St Andrews


Larcombe, Walter Samuel (52) of the Home Guard and husband of Lilly Mabel Kate Larcombe


At 30 Lancashire Rd, Bishopston


Hague, Samuel Pool (67) Captain (Rtrd) MM, husband of May Hague.





At Cotham Brow, Redland


Hopkins, David Joshua (32) – Report & Control Liaison Officer – husband of Catherine Anne Robinson Hopkins of 80 Cotham Brow and son of Joshua Handel & Annie Hopkins of 19 Seymour /Drive, Bishopston.


3/4 April 1941


At 1 Cambridge Rd, Bishopston


Turner, Ellen (72), widow of Tom Pullen Turner and her daughters Audrey Ellen Mabel (35) and Kathleen Edith Maria Turner (33).


At Falmouth Rd, Bishopston


Watts, Laura Ann (47), wife of AG Watts of 58 Manor Rd, Bishopston and their daughter Brenda Monica Watts (7).


At 68 Falmouth Rd, Bishopston


Warren, Lilly (46) wife of William Edward Warren and their daughter Iris Lillian Alice Warren (13).


At 514 Portway


Berry, Frederick John (46), Lance Corporal 768550 of Field Security Section 113 of “Ladywood” Kingsway, Redcliffe Bay, Portishead.  [Also listed on the church war memorial.]


11/12 April 1941


At Colston Ave


Bees, John Henry (34) Sergeant Bristol City Fire Brigade of 14 Tortworth Rd, Horfield, husband of Kathleen Bees and son of Mr G and Mrs E Bees of 25 Raglan Rd, Bishopston.


Pinsker, Simon Wolfe (29), Firewatcher and son of EL & R Pinsker of 55 North Rd, St Andrews.


At 3 Purton Rd, Bishopston


Field, Walter Lewis (57) husband of Elsie Mary Field.




At 5 Purton Rd, Bishopston


Kelly, Betty Mary Doreen (24) wife of Francis Patrick Kelly.

Loader, Frederick William (56) and his wife Violet Loader (42).


At 7 Purton Rd, Bishopston


Hinder, William Augustine (56) of 3 Exeter Rd, Weston Super Mare and husband of M Hinder.

Knight, William R (35), husband of Lillian Knight, together with his mother Sarah Anne Knight (61)

Lewis, Catherine (35)

Osley, Ida (49)


At 11 Purton Rd, Bishopston


Holmes, Edith Frances (56), widow of G Holmes.


7/8 May 1941


At 7 Melita Rd, Bishopston


Barnes, Albert Ernest (30), Police Fireman and son of Chief Supt E Barnes, Bristol Police and husband of Phyllis Eliza Barnes (36) and father of Hilda Audrey Barnes (9) who also died in the raid.

Byrt, Lottie (46) wife of Ernest William Byrt of 6 Melita Rd, Bishopston.

White, Daisy Agnes (40) of Hay Lane, Horsley, Nailsworth, Glos.


4/5/July 1941


At 47 Cromwell Rd, St Andrews


Bryant, Ronald Edward (25) and his wife Henrietta May Bryant (26).


28th April 1942


At Broad Weir, St Mathias


Dowsing, Arthur (69) of 114 Belmont Rd. St Andrews.


At Narrow Weir, St Mathias


Skeates Annie (59) of 44 Elton Rd, Bishopston, widow of Robert Skeates.