AFS – Auxiliary Fire Service.

ARCO – Associate of the Royal College of Organists.

ARP – Air Raid Precaution

ATS – Auxiliary Territorial Service, (the women’s branch of the Territorial Army).

BEF – British Expeditionary Force.

BAOR – British Army of Occupation on the Rhine.

BGS – Brigadier General Staff.

BLA – British Liberation Army (i.e. the 21st Army Group under Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery).  Later became the BAOR – see above.

CLB – Church Lads Brigade.

CEMA – Church of England Missionary Association.

CMF – Central Mediterranean Forces.

CRO – Civilian Repair Organisation.

D Day – Allied invasion of Normandy, also known as Operation Overlord.

DEMS – Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships

DFC – Distinguished Flying Cross.

DSM – Distinguished Service Medal.

DSO – Distinguished Service Order

ENSA – Entertainments National Service Association.

FAA – Fleet Air Arm.

GSO1 – General Staff Officer Grade 1.

HMS – His Majesty’s Ship

Home Service – refers to those members of the armed forces not serving overseas.

LDV – Local Defence Volunteers.  (Also known as the Home Guard and “Dad’s Army.)

MBE – Member of the British Empire.

MC – Military Cross

MID – Mentioned in Despatches.

MM – Military Medal

MV – Merchant Vessel

OCTUs – Officer Cadet Training Units.

Paiforce – After Persia was secured by the Iraq command on the 1st September 1941 under Lt Gen Edward Quinan, the force was renamed the Persia & Iraq Force or “Paiforce”.  Quinan’s HQ was redesignated as 10th Army in February 1942.

RA – Royal Artillery.

RAF – Royal Air Force.

RAOC – Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

RMA – Royal Military Academy.

RAMC – Royal Army Medical Corps.

REME – Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Richards Prizes – these were award from a special fund donated for the purpose by Caroline Richards in 1885.  They were awarded each to the 2 boys and 2 girls who had regularly attended through the various Sunday School groups until confirmation.  They were highly prized and much sought after.  If the attendance records revealed more than 4 winners a St Michael’s Prize was awarded to those who missed out on the Richards Prize.

SEAC – South East Asia Command (covered all Allied forces in India, Burma, Ceylon, Malaya, China, Siam, French Indo-China and the Dutch East Indies).

S S – Steamship

Survey Regiment – section within the Royal Artillery Brigade responsible for carrying out topographical survey to help the gunners locate their targets and to assist flash spotting and sound ranging units in counter battery firing operations.

VAD – Volunteer Aid Detachment

VE Day – Victory in Europe Day.

VJ Day – Victory over Japan Day.

WAAC – Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps

WAAF – Women’s Auxiliary Air Force

WLA – Women’s Land Army

Women’s Services – see under ATS, VAD, WAAC, WAAF, WLA, WRNS.

Writer – a naval posting, providing administrative support to the ship’s Captain in the management of stores, pay, accounts and logistics.

WRNS – Women’s Royal Naval Service.

YMCA – Young Men’s Christian Association.

YWCA – Young Women’s Christian Association.