St Michael & All Angels Vicarage


These war-time letters are being published in booklet form as a Welcome Home gift to all members of St. Michael and All Angels Church, Bishopston; as they return from the Services. They are being reprinted at the special request of one who served throughout the Second World War and received them all. They were sent to every part of the world, and thousands of letters were received in reply. By the end of the war some 630 of our Church members, and those of our Daughter Church of the Good Shepherd, were on our Roll, and in addition to receiving these letters they were each remembered by name in turn at our Intercession Services. Christmas Cards or short Greeting Letters were also sent out each Christmas (at first to all those serving, and latterly only to all those abroad) accompanied by either a parcel or a 5/- postal order. In addition, many members received from time to time parcels, of books or magazines sent out by Churchwarden Leslie Partridge, the indefatigable Hon. Secretary and Treasurer of this Fund. It was a labour of love, gladly shared by the members of our congregation who provided the money, and our reward was in the obvious appreciation shown by all who received them.

Fifty-seven of our members paid the Supreme Sacrifice. Through receiving these letters they knew that they were not forgotten by their Church at home. This fact alone made our effort worth while.  Their names are recorded overleaf, and a copy of this booklet is being sent to the nearest relatives of each of them.




May, 1946.